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Give Off-the-Shelf Jewelry a Little Kiss Goodbye


Filáki is a Mediterranean-inspired jewelry brand bringing you artisan-made, few-of-its-kind pieces meant to treasure


Meet Anastasia Exarchos

I created Filáki at the tailend of 2022 as a love letter to some of the people and places that are closest to my heart: my papou (grandfather in Greek), his home country of Greece, and the lifelong jewelry obsession I picked up there at a young age.

My father was born in Greece, and my mother spent 7 years there when they were first married, picking up both the language and the culture. And later, I spent my childhood summers living in Greece with my yiayia and papou (grandmother and grandfather), playing backgammon in the back alleys of Athens with my papou. My papou was my best friend – when I wasn’t visiting, I’d call him often, filling him in on everything that was going on in my life. And while the topics of our conversations shifted from day to day and year to year, he’d always end each call the same way, lovingly saying goodbye and sending a filáki, Greek for “little kiss.”

Now, as a Mediterranean-inspired jewelry brand, Filáki is a nod to my beloved papou and to our time spent together in Greece, but also to the quintessential Greek boutiques that nurtured my love for jewelry along the way. Thoughtfully curated and often featuring one-of-a-kind pieces from local artisans, these boutiques were (and still are!) my heaven on earth. 

And my friends back home came to appreciate those one-of-a-kind pieces, as I was always greeted with questions of “Where did you get that?” (Greece) and “Can I find it online?” (Probably not).

Filáki closes the gap between the modern American woman and the independent jeweler in Greece, connecting jewelry-maker with jewelry-lover in an intentional way.

With thoughtful product sourcing and a focus on one-of-a-kind or limited-quantity pieces, we create an easeful shopping experience that’s kissed by leisure and luxury. Consider it the online equivalent of the tiny Greek boutique – curated for the conscious consumer.

Filáki helps modern women discover unique, Mediterranean-inspired piecesfrom independent jewelers across Greece.


It’s our mission to reclaim jewelry shopping as an act of sacred self-indulgence, a celebration of beauty, & a means to support independent jewelers who bring that beauty to life.